April 10, 2008

Your attitude towards sex can be guessed by looking at your face

Restricted on the left, unrestricted on the right.

Evolution and Human Behavior doi:10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2007.12.009

Facial correlates of sociosexuality

Lynda G. Boothroyd et al.


Previous studies have documented variation in sexual behaviour between individuals leading to the notion of ‘restricted’ individuals (i.e., people who prefer long-term relationships) and ‘unrestricted’ individuals (i.e., people who are open to short-term relationships). This distinction is often referred to as sociosexual orientation. Observers have been previously found to distinguish sociosexuality from video footage of individuals, although the specific cues used have not been identified. Here we assessed the ability of observers to judge sexual strategy based specifically on cues in both facial composites and real faces. We also assessed how observers' perceptions of the masculinity/femininity and attractiveness of faces relate to the sociosexual orientation of the pictured individuals. Observers were generally able to identify restricted vs. unrestricted individuals from cues in both composites and real faces. Unrestricted sociosexuality was generally associated with greater attractiveness in female composites and real female faces and greater masculinity in male composites. Although male observers did not generally associate sociosexuality with male attractiveness, female observers generally preferred more restricted males' faces (i.e., those with relatively strong preferences for long-term relationships). Collectively, our results support previous findings that androgenisation in men is related to less restricted sexual behaviour and suggest that women are averse to unrestricted men.



Anonymous said...

I assumed unresticted attractiveness and greater masculinity/femininity in the left ones. Damn:)
Right ones just look boring!

Unknown said...

My, my, my!!!
What are we going to hear next!!!
The shape of the phase can....explain our attitude towards sex?
It seems like black magic or clairvoyance to me!!!
I am wandering can we understand from the facial characteristics if a woman is good in oral or anal sex as well?

Anonymous said...

suppose, we can undertand more about faces and those facial guesses:)
This is what it's all about. The guys... pardon, the gals are trying to understand, what they can do with this and what are the ways to explore.
I suppose it's pretty inefficient tool to guess someone oral/anal preferences, nor do i think the metodology was particularly perfect though i didn't read this paper:)

miz RAND BLOWTON said...

yeah,I can't see any major sexuality in their faces either.Two look more bold,brave,optimistic,emptyheaded ambitious,assuming cold,and city like(but not more sexy-unless you mean deviant sex,back alley stuff)--and the other two look less assuming,smaller town,suburban,contained,humble accepting of their own lot.