March 31, 2007

R1a1 frequencies in Southeastern Europe

I have compiled frequency data for haplogroup R1a1 in southeastern Europe and Ukraine, the putative source of the R1a1 expansion in Europe. Let me know if there are additional studies to be included here. Also, R1a frequencies were used from some older studies (e.g., Rosser), but this shouldn't be a problem since R1a and R1a1 are almost always equivalent. The sources are also listed, and in most cases you should be able to track down the relevant papers on PubMed using the lead researcher's last name. Post any corrections/additional info in the comments.

Ukrainians 45% Semino,Rosser,Kharkov,Varzari,Passarino
Slovenes 37% Rosser
Moldavians 29% Varzari
Croats 26% Marjanovic,Barac,Pericic
Romanians 20% Bosch,Rosser,Stefan,Varzari
Bosnians 19% Marjanovic,Pericic
Serbs 15% Marjanovic,Rosser,Pericic
Slav Macedonians 15% Bosch,Pericic
Bulgarians 14% Malaspina,Rosser
Herzegovinians 12% Pericic
Greeks 12% Firasat,Bosch,Martinez,Semino,Helgason,DiGiacomo,Rosser
Aromuns 10% Bosch
Albanians 7% Bosch,Pericic
Cypriots 6% Capelli,Rosser

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