October 20, 2006

Skin tone and attractiveness

This study seems to echo the results of a different German study which I posted a few years ago. According to the older study:
Additional surveys showed that attractive female faces are narrower than unattractive ones, and that they possess a brown skin and full, well looked-after lips.
According to the new study:
Results show an overall main effect of skin tone, suggesting that light brown skin color is perceived by both Caucasian and African American models as more credible and attractive than models who are pale and dark skinned, F(2,71) = 14.7, p < .0001. Consistent with earlier theorizing, images of light brown models yielded more favorable responses than images featuring dark skinned or pale models, F = 18.70, p < .01. Consistent with the proposed relationships stated in hypothesis 1, when the participants were asked to evaluate an individual on the basis of physical attractiveness and credibility, participants in this study found light brown models more credible and more attractive than their counterparts with darker skin.
Facial plast Surg 2006; 22: 175-179

“Shades of Beauty”: Examining the Relationship of Skin Color to Perceptions of Physical Attractiveness

Cynthia M. Frisby


The purpose of this research project was to investigate the relationship between skin color and level of perceived physical attractiveness. Previous research suggested that skin color plays an important role in how we perceive an individual's physical attractiveness. The current study was conducted to determine how influential the role of race is on perceptions of physical attractiveness. In this study, 79 subjects were asked to evaluate images of potential endorsers to be used in an upcoming advertising campaign. The images were those of females of varying skin tones. Data were then collected and analyzed to determine whether skin tone and level of skin color can in fact influence the physical attractiveness stereotype.


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