May 20, 2006

mtDNA variation in Jewish populations

Haplogroup frequencies from the paper:

Int J Legal Med. 2006 May 18; [Epub ahead of print]

Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in Jewish populations.

Picornell A, Gimenez P, Castro JA, Ramon MM.

Sequence analysis of HVRI and HVRII mitochondrial DNA was carried out on 107 Jewish samples from Ashkenazi, Oriental, North African, and Sephardic origins. Control region sequences were assigned to a haplogroup by means of the analysis of the RFLP motif -7025 AluI or by using sequence motifs. A total of 88 different haplotypes were observed with a lower incidence of unique haplotypes (68.2%) than in other populations. Four individuals with one position of sequence heteroplasmy at nucleotides 16093, 16134, 16169, and 235, respectively, were detected. The mean pairwise difference in the Jewish population was 9.7 nucleotides. The gene diversity was 0.996, and the random match probability was 1.3%. When the data were compared with the autosomal and Y-chromosome markers previously studied in these populations, sex-specific differences could be observed in the Jewish populations. This fact must be taken into account for choosing suitable databases to correctly weigh the value of the evidence of a mtDNA and/or Y profile match.


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