December 17, 2005

Sengupta et al. (2006) online

The Indian Y-chromosome paper that I blogged about earlier is available online in its final early view version, including all the supplementary materials. I have to say that the researchers give to the term "supplementary materials" a whole new meaning. Let's hope that other researchers emulate the good example of these authors.


Several items of interest:

Frequency of haplogroup J2a in several Greek populations, incl. some previously unpublished ones:

Crete: 32.1% (Di Giacomo et al. 2004)
Greece: 14.4% (Di Giacomo et al. 2004)
Greece: 11.9% (Semino et al. 2004)
Macedonia (Greece): 7.2% (Semino et al. 2004)
Nea Nikomedeia: 3.4% (Roy King, unpublished data)
Sesklo: 8.8% (Roy King, unpublished data)
Peloponnese: 14.0% (Roy King, unpublished data)
New phylogeny of haplogroup J2:

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Frequency distribution of haplogroup J2a (Crete, which has the world maximum is not shown for some reason).

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Microsatellite variance within R1a1 and R2:

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