June 19, 2005

New YHRD Release

There has been a new release of YHRD which now contains 31,319 haplotypes in a set of 258 populations. I have used YHRD in the past to see the distribution of various interesting haplotypes, and it will be interesting if some of the patterns I identified still hold in the new release.

For example, in Global prevalence of Mongolian and Kazakh modal haplotypes I showed that the modal haplotypes of Mongolians and Kazakhs are quite specific to these populations and absent in the other listed populations, except in a sample of Turks and Poles, thus making them excellent for tracking the presence of Altaic admixture. In the new release, the Buryat modal haplotype that was previously found in a samples of Poles, has now been detected in a sample of Germans from Cologne.

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