November 20, 2004

Greeks have grown 3cm in the last 20 years

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Greeks have grown by almost 3cm in the last 20 years

The average height of the new generation in Greece has increased to 1.78 for men and 1.66 for women. This means that today's 20-year-old men are 3cm taller than 40-year-olds and 5cm taller than 50-year-olds, while 20-year-old women are 2cm taller than 40-year-olds and 3cm taller than 50-year-olds.

The article in Vita notes that the new generation owes its higher stature partly to the degrees of its parents: 20-year-old youths with parents having a university degree are slightly taller than those whose parents have graduated only from high school.

However, experts believe that the average stature of the population will begin to stabilize in our country in the next few decades. In other European countries, the height increase has slowed down significantly: in Sweden, the average height of recruits is stable (1.79) in the last 17 years, while in Holland, the change per decade is now limited to 1.3cm, while up to 1980 it was 2-3cm.

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