October 25, 2004

Maltreatment deaths in rich nations

An interesting article on cross-national occurrence of family violence in Europe. Please read the full article for more information on individual country cases.

Violence Against Women July 2004, vol. 10, no. 7, pp. 749-769(21)

The Extent of Family Violence in Europe: A Comparison of National Surveys


This article reviews current victim studies on family violence in Europe and attempts to interpret the variation in the prevalence rates. Methodological shortcomings contribute in part to different rates across countries. The prevalence rates are also linked to preventive and causative factors. Three factors appear to explain the differing prevalence rates in European countries: deprived economic living conditions, traditional attitudes toward women and children, and a general tolerance of violent behavior in a given society. In addition, personal coping may influence whether a family member will act violently against another family member.


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