September 17, 2004

Anthropological complexes of European Russia, Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine

An interesting excerpt translated into English together with a descriptive map. Some terminology of N. N. Cheboksarov regarding the Europeoid race is used in this article which might not be familiar to most people, so I list it here as a reference, text copied from an online source.

II. Europeoid (Eurasian) Great Race:

1. South European (Indo-Mediterranean) Race:

(i) South Indian (Dravidian). ------- "C"
(ii) Anterior Asian
(iii) Mediterranean-Balkan
(iv) Atlanto-Black Sea. ------- "C"
(v) East European --------"C"

2. North European (Atlanto-Baltic) Race:

(i) Atlanto-Baltic
(ii) White Sea-Baltic

"C" -------- contact or transitional group

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