August 31, 2004

Dutch Hair Color Preferences

Gentlemen prefer blondes, women go for black

5 August 2004

AMSTERDAM — Dutch men prefer blondes and over half of Dutch women want to be blond or blonder than their present shade, particularly in the summer, according to research published Thursday.

The study carried out by research bureau Blauw Research for shampoo manufacturer Andrelon also found that women find men with dark hair more attractive.

Some 71 percent of the 535 people, aged 18 to 55, polled said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their own hair colour. Men were more satisfied with their hair colour than women.

Two out of five women were natural blondes and a slightly higher number were brunettes. The same applies to the men, though more men than women were black haired. Red hair was the rarest colour, Novum Nieuws reported.

Several women polled no longer to know what their original hair colour was.

About half of the women said they coloured their hair regularly, with 35 percent admitting to using dye. Half of the women polled have used highlights to make their hair appear blonder.

Some 10 percent put their faith in nature, relying on the sun to make their hair blonder.

The survey found that men — more so than women — believe blond hair makes a person look younger.

Women, on the other hand, were more in favour of men with dark hair, with just 17 percent of females questioned saying blond men were very attractive.

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