December 06, 2008

Fat people are slow to react

HOMO - Journal of Comparative Human Biology doi:10.1016/j.jchb.2008.06.006

Relationship between simple reaction time and body mass index
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A. Skurvydas et al.


The aim was to establish the relationship between simple reaction time in motor response in young adults in relation to their body physique, as represented by body mass index. Forty-five young male participants were allocated to one of three anthropometric groups, based on their body mass index. Participants performed 100 reaction-time trials with instructions to move a joystick, as quickly as possible, as soon as they detected a single star appearing in the centre of a monitor. All data were statistically selected into seven intervals and data from the mode frequency interval were precisely analysed. Participants from the group with greater body mass index reacted significantly slower than others. We did not record group lateral differences based on simple reaction time in each selected group. We recommend for future researchers the importance of identification of the level of body mass index of participants prior to testing them for effectiveness of simple sensori-motor reactions.


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