March 26, 2005

Y chromosomes from Yunnan

Ann Hum Biol. 32(1):80-7

The distribution of Y chromosome haplogroups in the nationalities from Yunnan Province of China.

Yang Z et al.

The genetic structure of 26 identified nationalities from Yunnan Province of China was studied using Y chromosome haplogroups. A total of 12 haplogroups were obtained in 1214 male samples from all the nationalities. The genetic relationships among 26 nationalities were studied. The ethnic groups were compared according to their different ancient lineages. The ancient lineages had their own characteristics in the distribution of Y chromosome haplogroups. Our results showed that Yunnan Province has great genetic diversity in its people. The ethnic groups differ from each other in the number of haplogroups and haplogroup frequencies. The genetic evidence was in agreement with the study of linguistic and historical records.


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