March 17, 2005

Survey on European attitudes toward immigrants

The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia released a report on "Majority Attitudes towards Migrants and Minorities" on March 15. The summary in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) form can be found here. Some interesting results below:

Some findings about Greece:

  • In general, resistance to immigrants and asylum seekers was widely shared by respondents from Mediterranean countries – in particular Greece showed marked resistance to immigrants. These stances were also strongly supported by people living in east European countries. In comparison, people from Nordic countries tended to dissociate themselves from these stances.
  • Perceived collective ethnic threat, in consideration of minorities, was expressed by the majority of respondents in western and eastern European societies. This attitude was particularly strong in Greece, and to a lesser extent in some of the eastern European countries. Perceived collective ethnic threat is somewhat less prevalent in western European and Nordic countries.
  • In general, dimensions of ethnic exclusionism were widely supported in Mediterranean countries, in particular Greece, and to some extent in east European countries and some west European countries, but less so in Nordic countries.

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