September 26, 2007

Anthropometric correlates of IQ

A reader alerted me to this study which re-examined Hooton's data on anthropometric correlates of IQ. Interestingly, sitting height correlates with IQ almost as strongly as (full) height, indicating that a long torso rather than long limbs is associated with statistically higher IQ.

Personality and Individual Differences

Head size correlates with IQ in a sample of Hooton’s criminal data

Jeremy E.C. Genovese


Data collected by Hooton (1939) on 676 inmates held at the Concord Reformatory in Massachusetts include both anthropometric measures and IQ scores. In this study a sample (N = 238) was drawn to assess the nonparametric correlation between measures of head size and IQ. Head length (r = .13), breadth (r = .15), height (r = .14), circumference (r = .15) and calculated volume (r = .20) correlated with IQ. Two measures of body size also correlated with IQ; height (r = .22) and sitting height (r = .19).


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