March 12, 2006

Who is who?

Alphabetically, the above women belong to these 8 groups: Austrian, Balkan Slav, British, Czech, German, Polish, Russian, Swedish. But, who is who?

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Keep those guesses coming. I'll reveal the answers either when someone scores a perfect 8/8 or by 9pm GMT on Monday.

UPDATE #2 The answer and some extras here.

UPDATE #3 Some statistics:

- Classification accuracy (N=18) was 29% (random choice would have 12.5% accuracy).
- Slav vs. Germanic accuracy was 74% (random choice would have 50% accuracy).
- Britons (67%), Balkan Slavs (61%), followed by Swedes (39%) had above-average classification accuracy.
- The Germanic groups were identified as Germanic with probability: British (89%), Austrian (83%), Swedish (78%), German (50%)
- The Slavic groups were identified as Slavic with probability: Balkan Slav (78%), Russians, Poles, and Czechs (72%)

Finally, here are the composite Germanic and Slavic pictures.

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