March 21, 2006

The geography of European phenotypical variation

29 composite pictures of male athletes.

If your country is not listed here, and you know of a good source of facial athlete pictures, e.g., the website of soccer team(s), drop me a line. I won't promise to do all countries, but I will return from time to time to this map to fill in some of the gaps. Also, note that 10 pictures is the bare minimum, although I would prefer a source of pictures with at lesat 16 native athletes, which is the number used for most of the composites in the map.


  1. Portuguese native athelete´s:





    Now you can do a real upload of portuguese athletes.
    Best regards

  2. Can you post bigger pictures of each country's morph please?

  3. i think that germans are not so handsome and also i think that both germans and britons should have ginger hair and i my opinion man from slovakia and poland are better looking than thoose from pictures but it depend on who is playing in soccer teams, and I guess there are many turkish people playing in the german team for instance

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